Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Switzerland - arriving

Yesterday (Sunday 6th) we left Lyon on the TGV and travelled north(ish) to Mulhousen Ville, changed trains for Basel where we entered Switzerland, changed again for Neuchatel then finally caught a local train to La Neuveville. Our friend Monica was waiting on the platform with her 4 children to meet us.

The first leg of the journey was almost 3 hours long but we used some of the time to enjoy a small bottle of Champagne (bought when we visited the Tattinger Cellars in the Champagne region).

La Neuveville means "the new town" and it was new once. Last year it celebrated 700 years since it was first mentioned in official records (the now ruined castle predates that).


  1. Travelling in true Clayton family style. Love it. Say hello to Monica and Marius for me.

  2. Plastic cups with Champagne?