Sunday, 6 January 2013

Lyon - life in the back lanes

We covered quite a lot of ground today and are feeling a bit tired. We came across the "Paul & Nany" store - ok, not quite "nanny" but close enough for the new grandmother. Paul is missing as usual but someone has to take the pix.

For 2 hours this afternoon we joined a walking group led by a guide from the Lyon tourism centre. We got a good overview of Lyon's history and visited several important sites before walking through several significant "traboules" which are internal corridors through old buildings connecting to streets on either side of long blocks. Pictured below is a unique "pink" tower in a Renaissance courtyard, and an unusual clock inside the Saint Jean cathedral.

Tonight we visit a large traditional Lyonnaise dining hall (Brasserie Georges) but will probably not have any tripe. Tomorrow we have a long train journey of 4 stages (2 are quite short local transfers) so we can visit friends Marius, Monica and family in Switzerland.

Farewell to Paris, another country "finished" for now.

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