Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Florence - beautiful city

Yesterday we left Rome and travelled north to Florence, capital city of Tuscany. It has been an enjoyable return visit for us as memories of the 2009 visit are strong.

* image 1 - morning refreshment (a glass of Prosecco) traveling at 240 kph on the train

* image 2 - lunch of home made Tuscan soups, bread and local wine in a small kitchen

* images 3 & 4 - the Duomo in the late afternoon sun, and at night. A magnificent building. We are captivated each time we see it.

* image 5 - Florentine beefsteak and Chianti at the "Zio Gigi" cafe ("uncle Gigi")

We've had a lot of night rain but only intermittent drizzle by day so the weather has not been a problem.

Our small hotel has a plaque on the outside wall announcing that the famous painter Rafael lived here in 1505. We are not only walking in history but sleeping in it as well.

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