Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Rome - Arrivederci Roma

We couldn't connect last night so our "farewell to Rome" is a day late as we are now in Florence. Again it was a big day, but Rome has south to be seen. I wish we had a pedometer to track our movements as Wendy have racked up a couple of hundred kilometres walking.

Pictured are some of the attractions visited.
* The "Ara Pacis" erected by Caesar Augustus 2000 years ago to celebrate an unprecedented period of peace during his reign.
* The steps leading up to Trinita on the mount church - not many people sitting on the steps because of rain.
* Michelangelo's massive memorial to Pope Julius and close-up of Moses
* The chains believed to be those used to shackle St Peter during his final imprisonment.
* Cliche shot - the Colosseum on a rainy day.

Surprise of the day: catching a "gypsy" with her hand in my pocket after a suspicious bump on boarding a metro train. Nothing lost as pocket only had handkerchief (clean) and a folded map.

Just as well we had dinner at a small place very close to the hotel as a thunderstorm and wind brought lashing rain on and off for an hour.

Said a sad farewell to Mary and Carlo, our wonderful hosts at Hotel Welrome.

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