Sunday, 27 January 2013

Budapest - in to Eastern Europe

After a week in the Veneto region of Italy we took a Ryanair flight from Treviso, just north of Venice, to Budapest. The flight was interesting as it was almost aggressively commercial. The backs of the seats carried ads for food services and luggage lockers all had ads on them. During the flight the PA broadcast ads and promoted Ryanair scratchie cards. The plane left 15 mins early and arrived 30 mind early.

We passed over snow covered landscapes until we had nearly reached Budapest where there is just a remnant of old snow. First impressions were dial during the trip on from the airport , but the city proper is impressive and interesting.

We say some of the lit buildings along the the Danube before eating at a 170 year old restaurant and enjoying local dishes to the sound of a brilliant ensemble of cembalon, 2 violins and bass. The cembalon player was a real master of his instrument. For the first time this trip we have really felt as if we are in a strange country where we can't read signs or understand what is written. We're looking forward to 2 days of exploration before taking the train to Bratislava in the Slovak Republic. .

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