Friday, 4 January 2013

Paris - a little damp

The song said, amongst other things "... I love Paris when it drizzles ... ". Today was foggy and a little drizzly - just enough to obscure views and be a nuisance. We caught the train north to see the Basilica of St Denis, patron saint of Paris and early martyr. This was the first true Gothic church and for hundreds of years the burial site for kings, queens and assorted royals. The Necropolis is unusual and interesting.

Later we walked up Montmartre to Sacre Coeur (image below) to look across a foggy Paris, and then went to see the beautiful and ordered "Place des Vosges", a park surrounded by a square courtyard of houses for the king's courtiers. From there we walked to Bastille where a monument gives testimony to the opening act of the French Revolution.

After another excellent dinner we had a final stroll up the street from the hotel to say a farewell to the Arc de Triomphe (with Eiffel Tower shining through the fog). Tomorrow we are off to Lyon on the way into Switzerland. Farewell Paris, we've loved it here.

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