Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Venice - Walking and climbing about

Just a quick entry the day after the event as we are packing and preparing to leave Venice. Yesterday was fine and sunny, but not quite as clear as on Sunday. Many people in elaborate costumes were parading through the streets. We met at the Opera House (image 3) and joined a guided walking tour for a "Secrets of Carnevale & Casanova " tour through the small lanes of Venice. Our guide David is shown below (cape and 3 corner hat). After lunch we took the water bus to the island of San Giorgio to see the church and were able to go to the top of the bell tower (a lift!) for a fine view of the city and even of the Alps and Austrian border.

Today we flight via London and Bangkok to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand for the final stage of our tour. Next message will be from Thailand.

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