Monday, 4 February 2013

Venice - Carnevale starts

Carnevale events should have started yesterday in Piazza San Marco but the strong winds and driving rains led to cancellations. Today was completely different. The weather was mild (for this time of year), the wind had dropped and skies were blue. Visitors arrived by the thousands and there was a wonderful atmosphere.

Some of the costumes were truly stunning and photographers crowded around the best, or perhaps the oddest, costumes. Groups of gondoliers carried the girls in the "Maria" competition, bands played, flags were waved and tossed in the air and the "Doge" (historic ruler of Venice) and his retinue paraded through the packed square to the stage to review the rest of the parade.

Various events were staged during the day and on the evening a jazz band played with the theme "a touch of blue". It was a memorable day.

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