Thursday, 24 December 2015

An Apology and a Teaser

I know I said to watch out for our blog. It's often been on my mind, but a combination of early starts, late nights, and absence of wifi when needed has meant there's been nothing to show so far. My apologies for the delay. I hope to remedy that soon. 

Meanwhile here are a few "teasers" to show where we have been so far. 

We arrived in Paris on Saturday 19th December. Even though we've seen it before it's hard not to visit the Eiffel Tower again. 

From Paris we travelled to Brussels and Gent where we met friends. Gent was decked out for Christmas with markets which spread around the city.  The "Belfort" was the city's treasury and archive several centuries ago. 

This morning we caught the early express train from Brussels to Cologne in north west Germany. From our apartment windows in 2 directions we can see Christmas markets. 

First the Alt Mark (old market) from the kitchen window. 

Now from the bedroom we see the Cathedral (Dom) with its market. 

This apartment is located in a very convenient position in the old town, next to the concert hall where we will shortly attend a concert. 

So stay with us. As soon as I'm able I'll "catch up" and fill you in on places we've visited.  Merry Christmas, or as the locals say "Frohe Weihnachten". 

Paul & Judy
Cologne, 23/12/15

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