Sunday, 30 December 2012

Munich - too much gold!

Returning to the city centre after our auto-fest we went on a 2-hour guided tour of the Opera House. The original was destroyed by fire; the second was destroyed during WW2 and the present building was opened in 1963. The public specs were interesting, as was the view from the Royal Box, but "behind the scenes" was fascinating. We saw how the works were staged and even saw the mechanism below stage.

There was just time before closing to go through the Residenz - the Royal Palace from 1395-1918. The buildings were designed and decorated to show off the power and wealth of the occupants. Good taste was sometimes lacking; moderation seemed to be unknown. It's a wonder there was any gold left in Bavaria after the decorators finished.

Shown below are "his & hers" chairs - not for watching TV but for receiving official visitors - and a bed in some lessor bedroom. Note the height! Not good to fall out. I asked an attendant and was told that the bed had its "day cover" to hide the bedding and that a normal mattress was below it.

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